*BUS Transport: Your bus ticket is NOT included in the original ticket price.
You have to purchase the add-on. FREE Transport available from Kelmscott and $15 from other pick up/drop off points around perth.
Please note you still have to purchase a bus ticket (for $0) even if you want to go on the free bus.
This is to ensure that there is enough buses to cater for everyone leaving from Kelmscott.

Book your bus tickets here >
Buses will be leaving each location at exactly 11:30am and will not be waiting for people running late. Each venue will be open for business and we advise all event attendees to be at their nominated venue at 11:00am and enjoy a drink.

After the event is finished buses will be leaving Araluen from 9:30pm at the drop off/ pick up point located just outside the main entrance of the event.